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Jorge Monterrey has been a public servant for much of his life.


He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1998. He was the Company Honor Graduate of his boot

camp class, out of 431 Marines, and was meritoriously promoted to Lance Corporal. He went on to take

the top spots in Infantry and Security Forces School.


Jorge became a Sergeant of Marines in two and a half years and was a squad leader for 12 Marines for

two back-to-back tours overseas. Taking every opportunity to learn from people who were the best in

their field so he could be the best leader for his team, he trained and worked with the Royal British

Marines, the Republic of Korea (ROK) Marines, Philippine Army and Marines, US Army Special Forces,

the US Marshals, and the US Secret Service.


By the time his service in the Marine Corp ended in 2006 he had been awarded the Marine Corps Good

Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, and the

Korean Defense Service Medal.


Jorge continued in public service by becoming a Firefighter/EMT in 2003. Much like in the Marine Corps,

he excelled. Fire 1, Fire 2, Wildland Fire, HURST, Rope Rescue, Rescue Diver, WMD’s, and multiple FEMA

certifications are just some of the skills he used to help keep his community and his fellow teammates

safe. He served in this capacity until 2013.


In 2005, Jorge went into business for himself for the first time. He partnered into a financial firm and

became fully licensed in Wisconsin, and other states, to help people with their insurance, mortgages and

investments. With his continued track record of success, his business quickly grew and even exceeded

expectations during the recession of 2008.

Jorge loved being in business and helping people, but was not in love with the financial industry. He

realized that, regardless of where life takes him, teaching and helping people become better and stay

alive is what he wants to do for the rest of his life. So in 2010 he opened his second business, The Urban

Survival Academy (THE USA) where he taught self-defense tactics. In 2012, Jorge started Brazilian Jiu-

Jitsu (BJJ) and created what is now Defense Combatives (DEFCOM). He emphasizes the importance of

being a well-rounded and balanced individual. That not only includes a strong body, but a strong mind,

strong spirit and character, and being emotionally strong.


Recognizing the great opportunity in Watertown, Jorge chose to move his family and business here in

2014. Since then he has chosen to start several other businesses in Watertown including The Gym, The

Arcade, The Bar and Kiss My Axe. He consults other business owners on all aspects of entrepreneurship

and small business ownership and continues to grow and develop in every aspect of his life.


He aspires to be the best dad for his kids, the best coach for his team, and the best entrepreneur and

servant leader for his community. Because Jorge feels so passionate about his community, he has

detached and his observations of the big-picture in Watertown are not what they should be. Jorge

strongly feels that the voice of the community must be valued and heard. With that being said, Jorge

wants to see Watertown go back to the people as big government is minimized. One of Jorge’s mantras

is “silence is consent” and we will no longer let the community be silent. Jorge is prepared to take on

that responsibility and become the voice and safety for this great community. No more neglect for

Watertown is what Jorge feels and with forward-thinking, coupled with innovative collaboration,

Watertown will truly be the beautiful and aspiring community it once was.

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